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I love Foamy XD

How long have you been posting on newgrounds?!?!? Pretty cool XD
I liked this one a lot, but my favorite one so far is still "Nuts To You" XD

5/5 from me


This was great XDD that scene where the angel screams when he falls asleep.....honestly got me there, had meh headphones on and everything XD made me jump lol! Great work, graphics were awesome, and totally sick XD You certainly deserve the name sickdeathfeind!!

Very nice!!


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*tries not to cry from laughing so hard*


Although it musically sux, i think its the funniest thing i have ever heard!!!!

And whats even funnier, i JUST taught myself that intro on the guitar today XD

So hearing this, made almost choke from laughing!!

"thats it...YAAAYYYY!!!!!!"

Classic XD

5/5!!!!! Just cuz its so funny and you had the balls to post it XD


Father-of-Death responds:

so thats why you poeple thinks its so fuckin funny!!!!!


i never knew why it was funny till now!!!1 hahaha

thnx a bunch man!!!

Not so much depressing in my opinion

and the reason i say so is because there are too many, what sounds to me, major scale progressions in the bells.

The pads you used gave a depressing feeling at first, but when the bells came in with the additional synth coming to its side, the major scale used gave it more of a feeling of realization. An epiphoney if you will (if i even spelled that right lol).

There was definately a sadness to this piece, true enough, but not to the point to where it was depressing.

In fact i found this one to be quite the opposite, i find it to be invigorating. The bells to me are trying to say "What was done is done, you must look up and move on, and repent for your mistakes."

Again, this song is unlike most I hear, but that speaks well for your originalty, AND diversity in my opinion.

Another great piece of work,
and another 5 from me, in a small attempt to get this the respect it deserves.

(Some people might look down on this, but do not ever let that stop you. This track as well as the Shootout one i just reviewed, shows me you are quite the capable musician. Everyone has their strenghts and weaknesses, and this style of music happens to be your strong suit. Keep it up!)

Oh, I almost forgot, i never left any constructive criticism >:( i shall correct this!

The bells in my opinion were a bit loud, but only by just a wee bit. Had you've turned them down just a hair, i would not have any complaints about this song other than the fact that its too short!

Keep it up.


MastaBrad responds:

hey thanks for the reply, I didnt realize how powerful the song is or how much potential it had. I pretty much was in a sad mood, trying to find sounds to explain it. thanks for the criticism, I enjoy all i can get.

never really heard something like this on NG

But nevertheless it was a refreshing piece to listen to.

Obviously you knew what you were intending to do with the song, and the beginning of the shootout was, although seemingly random, pretty important in portraying what you were doing with the melody.

I liked how you had the lone pad/synth playing while everything started up. A fresh new spin on the old western stand-off in my opinion, and I liked that a whole lot!

When the melody started, I got the impression that the person who found himself in that situation really didnt want to be there in the first place, but had to go through it anyway.

It may not be the most complex song I've ever heard, but unlike other people *not trying to point fingers or cut others down* I dont let bias come between me and reviews.

This song in my opinion was very well executed, and painted a wonderful story for me! I have respect for people who put as much effort in their songs as you appear to. Such care and determination usually creates wonderful pieces like this.

This song, is wonderful!

You have my vote for 5.

Good job!


wow....its a message


being occupied

is too expensive

Subconscious, Your Mind


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